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Deliver customer support no matter where you are with HappyFox app

A woman works on a tablet.
A woman works on a tablet.

Free to try, starts at $29 per month per user  | iOS, Android 

For better or worse, there aren’t many businesses these days that can close up shop at 5 o’clock and allow all staff to forget about work until the next morning. Customers want and expect service on their terms and schedules. Luckily, apps like HappyFox make it a bit easier to satisfy clients when you’re off the clock. It’s a mobile customer-support suite that will instantly alert you when a new support ticket is created, then let you quickly see whether the issue is something that requires immediate attention or can wait until the morning. If it turns out to be important, you can address the problem from your phone by creating a ticket update and, if necessary, communicate and collaborate with your colleagues on a solution. It doesn’t cost anything to try for a month. If it turns out that it makes you and your support staff’s off time a little less stressful, then the $29-per-month user fee could be well worth it.  

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