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CRGroup finds its silver lining in the cloud

Merger with Quisitive means faster growth and need for new hires

From the not-for-profit sector to government and private enterprise, organizations of all sizes are embracing digital transformation.

They are looking for the efficiencies, cost savings and operational continuity that can come by transitioning data, processes and applications from a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud.

But this transition is seldom smooth. That’s where the team at Ottawa’s Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup) steps in.

Over the past 30 years, CRGroup’s seasoned leadership team and talented employees have served some 4,500 customers worldwide, in almost every industry vertical. They address each customer’s toughest challenges with expertise in Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, business intelligence, planning and budgeting solutions, and CRGroup’s own award-winning employee performance management platform, CRG emPerform. 

The conversation has changed

Not so long ago, it was an ongoing challenge for CRGroup to educate customers on the benefits of taking a single, integrated approach to digital transformation.

The rise of the cloud has shifted the tone of these conversations. Organizations that were once wary of trusting their data and applications to the cloud are now desperate to find reliable and forward-looking partners that can help them chart a clear path to get there.  

“In today’s cloud environment, technology strategy and business strategy converge and must be addressed as one,” said Dr. Vijay Jog, President of CRGroup. “However, market research firm Gartner has found that only about one in 20 service providers like us has the expertise in house to take this converged approach. We do, and this makes it an exciting time for us.”

Strength in numbers

CRGroup has always been forward-looking, to understand how its products, services and delivery approach had to evolve to remain relevant and effective for customers. With the shift to the cloud, Dr. Jog and his team realized it was time to level up. In June, CRGroup announced it was teaming up with another top-notch Microsoft partner, Quisitive. 

“It has always been our goal to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for process optimization and technology enablement across every aspect of business,” said Dr. Jog. “Combining our strengths with Quisitive marks the age of a new type of service provider that offers end-to-end, strategic cloud migration, strategy and execution.” 

What does this mean for the CRGroup brand? More opportunity than you can shake a stick at.

“It means growth and greater ability to help our clients prepare and scale for the future,” Dr. Jog said. “But to deliver on that, we need even more great people. We are looking for smart, energetic folks who are driven to solve challenges.”

Take your first step

To learn more about how CRGroup can help your organization chart a reliable course for the future, or to learn about current career opportunities, please visit

“CRGroup has an expert team, equipped with the know-how and technology to take companies into the future.”

— Laurie Cairns, CPA, CHRL, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Canadian Paralympic Committee