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Circle K Tech: Driving innovation at the heart of convenience and mobility

Circle K Tech team
Mykhailo Osekretov, Rob Chenard, Scott Luo, Devon Wanner, Zaw Oo, director of software development Deepak Wanner, Tracey Bogue, Russell Zhang, Salma Abouseada, Audrey Seely, Aren Wanner

In the realm of convenience and mobility, one prominent company stands tall in Canada: Alimentation Couche-Tard, a global leader operating across 25 countries and territories with 14,400 stores, including approximately 11,000 that offer road transportation fuel.

Recognized for its well-known Couche-Tard and Circle K banners, the company holds a significant position as Canada’s leader in the convenience store industry and road transportation fuel retail. The company is also one of the United States’ major independent convenience store operators. Moreover, it leads in the convenience store industry and road transportation fuel retail across Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Ireland.

Circle K tech: Fostering technological advancement in Ottawa’s tech hub

In pursuit of progress, Circle K established Circle K Tech following its acquisition of WannLynx Technologies Inc. in 2021. Located in the Kanata Research Park, this centre of excellence now plays a pivotal role in spearheading the integration of state-of-the-art technology within the company.

Circle K Tech’s primary objective is to form a talented and dynamic team capable of tackling challenging projects, propelling the organization towards innovative solutions.

The acquisition of Wannlynx brought in valuable senior talent well-versed in diverse technologies such as Cloud Computing, Payment Systems, Embedded Linux, Machine Learning, and User Interfaces.

Their contribution has been recognized by the Chief Technology Officer, Ed Dzadovsky, as a critical factor driving innovation and automation for the company, despite the team’s relatively small size within a massive enterprise employing approximately 128,000 individuals.

Unveiling the data-driven approach

Behind the scenes of a typical gas station, Circle K Tech unveils the usage of extensive data, pulled from each store daily. This data aids in crafting engaging pump screens and personalized customer advertising.

Furthermore, this data-driven approach facilitates the determination of gas prices, and the optimization of fuel consumption, considering factors like weather patterns and customer refuelling habits.

The Circle K Tech team is dedicated to building systems that can handle the vast scale of operations, starting with pilot projects encompassing 50 stores and subsequently expanding to thousands.

Their reliance on cloud analytics and diverse technologies such as PHP, C++, Java Script, and Elastic enables them to successfully develop embedded systems running on virtual machines at each station while seamlessly interfacing with multiple protocols.

Enhancing customer experience through a global network

To enhance the customer experience, Circle K Tech leverages a global network that connects them to gas stations worldwide. This network provides invaluable insights, empowering the team to better understand customer needs and preferences.

Beyond its technological endeavours, Circle K operates as one of the largest retailers of petroleum, lottery tickets, tobacco, and energy drinks. Additionally, the company is actively working towards expanding its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging networks, making significant strides in countries like Norway, where EVs hold a prominent position in the automobile market.

Advancing convenience and mobility together

As customers walk into Circle K stores, they are greeted with an amalgamation of technological marvels behind the scenes, harmonizing with the company’s broader commitment to convenience and mobility.

This dedication serves as a testament to Circle K’s ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of the industry, providing a diverse range of offerings to meet customer needs.

Circle K’s global presence, innovative approach, and commitment to nurturing talent pave the way for a bright future of convenience and mobility, and an opportunity for tech enthusiasts to be a part of this transformative journey.

And they’re hiring! If you’re interested in joining the Circle K Tech team, check out these current opportunities.