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Causeway Work Centre


Finding rewarding work can be an overwhelming prospect at times, especially if you struggle with challenges such as a lack of experience, a disability, or a mental illness. Causeway is a not-for-profit agency that empowers all people by helping those with mental health related barriers and other challenges find meaningful work. At Causeway, we call our employment programs, social enterprises and support services “Avenues” because of the journey we go on together with our clients. Each person can take multiple avenues while on their journey, but they all lead to the same place – meaningful employment.

Causeway has a long history of allyship in our community to people with mental health related barriers to employment. The journey to meaningful employment can be different for each person we serve, and requires the support of the whole community. This is why an important pillar of our strategic plan is forming partnerships with businesses and community members, in order to broaden support for individuals and amplify our impact.

“Very few of us have not been touched by the impacts of mental health – either ourselves or our loved ones. There are many dedicated people who contend with mental health challenges who are available and looking to fill the gap in today’s labour market. The caring staff at Causeway help them in their journey of realizing their potential, building their skills and confidence, and further support community participation. ” – Louise Boudreau, Causeway Board President


  • Grants: 66%
  • Earned Revenue: 21%
  • Donations: 1%
  • Other: 12%

How you can help


You see how rewarding having a job can be. It can help you build confidence, give you independence, and help you foster a sense of belonging. That’s why you believe in creating avenues for people to find work, regardless of the challenges they face.

Your donations help people with disabilities and mental illness reach their employment goals by supporting our employment programs, our social businesses, and our wrap-around services including our Employment Resource Centre and Wellness Centre.


Commercial cleaning, grounds-keeping, food service, and bike refurbishment are all available through Causeway’s social enterprises, which train and employ people experiencing employment barriers. Discover how your business can be supported by social enterprise here:

Hire from Causeway

Employers help us build stronger communities by employing the people we serve. Everyone has abilities and skills regardless of the challenges they may face. With the recent shifts in labour markets, employers have been struggling with staffing and maintaining their employees. People with barriers to employment, however, still experience difficulties entering the labour market and represent a significant portion of unemployed or underemployed individuals. By working with Causeway, employers can tap into a pool of skilled and motivated people who are ready to work. Find your next employee of the month at Causeway!


Work Regardless Week

Nov. 28 – Dec. 4. Celebrated annually, this week serves to engage individuals and businesses around the message that everyone has something valuable to offer. We invite individuals and businesses to show support of #WorkRegardlessWeek on social media by sharing what it means to them, and making a donation to support vital community employment services.

Meet John. “Before coming to Causeway, I really had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. Trying to think too much about it just made me super anxious.”

After coming to Causeway, John realized that one of his biggest strengths was his desire to work and build a career. He enjoys working and feeling like he is accomplishing something.

While he still may sometimes face challenges at work, John notes that working has actually helped him find stability and motivation, as has the support he received at Causeway.


Causeway Work Centre

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Year founded: 1977
Total revenue for last fiscal year: $3,797,587

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