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BNP Philanthropic Performance makes its mark on the capital

Celebrating five years in Ottawa and the Outaouais


This year marks the five-year anniversary of BNP Philanthropic Performance’s move to the capital – a decision that has resulted in new client relationships and several successful community support projects.  

Following 22 years of helping its more than 800 clients generate over $1.2 billion in funding support, the team at BNP saw an opportunity to expand its presence to the capital to better serve both local and regional Canadian organizations seeking philanthropic guidance. 

“We felt that our clients needed access to a senior consultant, someone to be present in their own region,” says Marie Claire Morin, vice-president, Ontario and Outaouais at BNP. “Our clients were relying on us to set up an office in Ottawa.” As a rapidly growing city, with a significant not-for-profit sector, opening an Ottawa location – BNP’s fifth office in Canada – was also a strategic move for the firm, which filled a gap for several local organizations. For many of BNP’s clients in the capital, working with the firm  was their first time launching a philanthropic initiative and the first time enlisting outside support.

BNP – who recently merged with Goldie Canada consulting firm – offers a full range of bilingual services to support its clients’ philanthropic endeavours. Working closely with not-for-profits and partner organizations, the team at BNP assists with fundraising campaigns, major gifts, planned giving, strategic planning, communication needs, foundation set up, charity registration, training, human resources and more. The firm has developed a research service to provide in-depth data on individuals and Canadian companies and their philanthropic policies and giving history. This is an important tool for all fundraising initiatives. 

“Every organization is important and plays a role in the community,” says Morin. “We can help them thrive.”

BNP advises clients on government grant processes and helps them understand the legislation on philanthropy. It also helps organizations obtain grants for education, health, municipalities and arts and culture.

BNP supports its clients through mentorship and coaching and assists with recruitment. The team also provides counsel on IT needs when applicable. 

If there’s a need they can’t provide a solution to on their own, BNP relies on its vast connections and partnerships with experts in the community to get the job done.

In addition to its philanthropic services, BNP is focused on remaining relevant and attuned to social issues in a changing society, focusing on the needs of the diverse communities it serves and their priorities. 

“Integrating the ideals of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility is a challenge for many organizations,” says Adya Afanou, a consultant at BNP. “However the tools exist, and studies show that investing to sustainably implement such changes will bear fruit with healthier organizations; happier and more efficient teams; beneficiaries, donors and volunteers who feel recognized and valued.” 


Joining the BNP family 

From small startups to large organizations, BNP helps clients achieve their philanthropic goals, from annual giving to transformative gifts. 

By carefully analyzing the feasibility of a client’s campaign, BNP can establish where their help is needed and ensure optimal results. 

“We’re building a family of successful philanthropic organizations,” says Morin.  “We can make them better and stronger in the best possible way.”  

BNP’s team of experienced leaders is also critical to client success. 

Morin herself has spent more than 30 years working in the philanthropic sector – executing fundraising campaigns, dedicating her time to various sectors including the arts, education, and humanitarian causes as well as helping found the National Gallery of Canada Foundation.

“I want to give back to the community and transfer my knowledge and expertise about philanthropy,” she says, now entering her sixth year with the company. “BNP will help clients develop or improve their fundraising capabilities by  ensuring they are fully autonomous and able to sustain their income generation.” BNP serves a wide variety of clients in all fields including education, health, the arts, sports, humanitarian and social causes.

The team at BNP Philanthropic Performance has consultants who have experience sitting in the very same chairs that their clients are in now.

“We’ve built our careers on the passion and interest we have in supporting our communities, and now we’re on the other side of the table, as counsel,” she adds. 

The difference is in the results

In 2016, BNP began working with the Gatineau Health Foundation to augment its fundraising abilities and ensure maximum returns on its campaigns.

“You want to have people on board to understand the difference between marketing and fundraising work,” says Jean Pigeon, executive director of the Gatineau Health Foundation, who has worked closely with the BNP team. “BNP is very respectful of who they’re working with. They listen and understand before giving comments or making judgements. They’re not there to call the shots, they’re there to guide you through the decision-making process.”

To fully understand the needs of the Gatineau Health Foundation, the BNP team ran diagnostic reports and set out to create a comprehensive, multi-year strategic fundraising plan. 

The result was “a clear path of what we wanted to provide as an organization for everyone involved, including stakeholders, volunteers and employees.”

At the end of the day, BNP provides results, says Pigeon, which has helped the foundation see better campaign outcomes year after year. 

“Teams like BNP are very important to have for support in strategic planning or specific fundraising strategies,” says Pigeon. “Their experience is a gold mine for anyone working in fundraising.”

BNP Philanthropic Performance has worked with several local organizations on their fundraising efforts including: 

  • Algonquin College Foundation
  • Collège La Cité 
  • Collège Saint-Alexandre
  • MIFO
  • Perley & Rideau Veterans Foundation
  • The Archdiocese of Gatineau
  • The Bronson Centre
  • The Gatineau Health Foundation 
  • The Low Down To Hull and Back community newspaper 
  • The Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation
  • Université de l’Ontario français