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Become a part of the team that’s revitalizing downtown Ottawa

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In search of top-quality candidates interested in fulfilling the ByWard Market District Authority mandate to revitalize and reenergize the ByWard Market and downtown Ottawa.

Join the ByWard Market District Authority as a member of the Board of Directors and leave your legacy by helping to implement long-lasting and positive change in your community!

To apply, please send a letter of introduction and CV to

FAQ on the ByWard Market District Authority:

To better understand the Byward Market District Authority (BMDA), the following FAQs have been developed for businesses in the BMDA District.

What is the ByWard Market District Authority (BMDA)?

The BMDA is a Municipal Services Corporation, independent in its own way, but is a corporation of the City of Ottawa with the mandate of:

  • Maintaining the ByWard Market district streetscape and public realm spaces to a level of service higher than the City of Ottawa Level of Service Maintenance Quality Standard.
  • Enhancing the resident and visitor experience through public realm enhancements, installations, animations, branding, and pageantry.
  • Support and advocate for business interests within the ByWard Market District, including promoting local foods, producers, artisans and creators through the public markets.
  • Hosting special events and activities of both city-wide and national significance.
  • Advocating for investment within the ByWard Market District Operational Boundary in accordance with the City of Ottawa’s ByWard Market Public Realm Plan or other area objectives as determined by the Member (City Council) or the Board
  • Undertaking initiatives that improve community safety and well-being within the ByWard Market District Operational Boundary.

How does the creation of the BMDA directly benefit businesses in the BMDA District?

At its core and guided by a mission to provide an enhanced business, resident, and visitor experience in the District (attached map), the BDMA’s core mandate will be to deliver a more coordinated approach to district operations.

Ultimately, as businesses located in the District, your needs and concerns can now be addressed more effectively.

To start, the BMDA Board of Directors will establish a Business Advisory Committee (BAC). This Committee will be comprised of area property and business owners and will focus on providing critical input into area operations and flagging new opportunities and remedies. Recruitment will begin in September of 2023.

When will we start seeing positive changes and a ‘safer’ ByWard Market District?

Businesses should begin seeing positive changes in the coming months. Among the BMDA’s top priorities is establishing and maintaining a safer ByWard Market environment in which businesses can safely operate and visitors can safely enjoy.

Towards achieving this objective, the BMDA’s new Community Safety and Well-being Committee will be convened shortly.

This Committee will include area stakeholders and service delivery partners and will focus on identifying specific actions toward improving the perception and reputation of the area and attracting more customers and businesses.

How can businesses in the district contact the BMDA?

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please contact Executive Director Zach Dayler ( or Manager of Business Intigration, Jeanne Matthiss (

You can also reach the BMDA team through OR by calling 613.244.4410.