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Barrhaven’s new commercial offering a boon for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses

Campanale’s Longfield Square II will be a one-stop shop for tenants – and residents alike

Artist's rendering of Longfield Square 2

Young families looking for a place to work, live and play can take heart: not far from Ottawa they’ll find Barrhaven, a sizable but growing community that has more to offer than ever before.

Campanale Homes has been contributing to Barrhaven community life with commercial buildings for small businesses since 2016. Their next project will build on the success of Longfield Square and is aptly named Longfield Square II. This project has already broken ground, with an anticipated completion date of 2024. This project will bring another architecturally beautiful building to Barrhaven that features a modern design, large windows, visible signage, and high ceilings.

You can clearly see the Campanale commitment to Barrhaven because they’re focusing on what the community really needs. “There’s a need for commercial space to house personal or professional, medical, retail and restaurant/take out businesses,” said Santana Campanale, director of sales and marketing for Campanale Homes.

Longfield Square II is a mix of 11 commercial units on the main floor and 12 residential units above with their own rooftop patio. Commercial units range from 1,100 square feet to over 2,000 square feet and the zoning allows for any of the businesses Campanale listed.

Not to mention the location, which can’t be beat. It’s across from the street from Longfield transit station and South Nepean Park — which gets quite busy in the summer — and is also close to several schools with students of all ages. “This is their neighborhood mall,” said Campanale.

The Campanale Group does it all

Setting up a new business comes with countless decisions, many that may bring unforeseeable problems.

That’s why the Campanale Group is providing a one-stop shop for tenants. “We have the space, we can fit up the space and we will manage the building,” said Campanale.

As Longfield Square II is a new building, tenants will have the opportunity to start with a “blank slate”, allowing them to completely customize the space to their business needs.

This approach brings numerous time and cost savings for the tenant, as it negates the need to remove previous tenants work, and can help avoid the pitfalls that can occur when renovating an existing, older space.

Artist's rendering of Longfield square 2

“There are always risks of renovating existing lease holds and encountering unexpected issues,” said Campanale. “In a new building, the tenant protects themselves from these risks.”

The team at the Campanale Group will also provide the fit-up service themselves, helping the tenant design the space to fit any specific business needs. “Having built the building, we have fundamental knowledge of the structure, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. This is another advantage for our tenants,” said Campanale.

The only thing future tenants of Longfield Square II will need to do is give Campanale a plan or a list of requirements for their space, then the team will bring their plan to life.

That said, one unit in particular would be an ideal place for a restaurant. “This space was uniquely designed with a second level 1,218 square foot exterior patio and glass railings overlooking our community,” said Campanale. “This space will certainly be a showstopper for pedestrians and a landmark of the building.”

And the final benefit? Campanale is offering a rent-free period to use their fit-up services.

On top of the Campanale one-stop shop, tenants will be joining a vibrant community that wants to support local businesses. Santana Campanale often sees homeowners who bought a property from them eating at the restaurants down the street or picking up a carton of milk at the convenience store.

When Longfield Square II opens in 2024, it will be one more step in making Barrhaven a self-sustaining, independent community that’s so much more than a suburb.

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