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Background checks and fingerprinting services that are easy and convenient

Commissionaires prides itself on delivering a great customer experience

There are many scenarios that require a background check or background screening. These include ensuring compliance with the federal government’s Contract Security Program, completing a criminal record check for a job and adopting a child.

In all these instances, fingerprinting is a standard part of the process. But many people still feel uncomfortable with having their fingerprints taken. For example, there may be privacy concerns, such as who will have access to their fingerprints and personal information. In some cases, people still equate fingerprints with being booked for a criminal offence. 

That’s why it only makes sense to turn to a trusted name in security when your personal or professional life requires that you obtain a background check.

That name is Commissionaires.

Digital fingerprinting

Commissionaires is known as Canada’s largest private sector employer of veterans and the only national not-for-profit security company. The organization is this and much more. 

Why do you need to be fingerprinted?

Commissionaires was among the very first private agencies in Canada accredited by the RCMP to provide digital fingerprinting services for non-criminal purposes. Since 2006, Commissionaires has been managing the largest digital fingerprinting infrastructure – with full background screening services – in the country.

Commissionaires has the accreditation, the capability and the commitment to ensure any of your personal data that it collects is securely stored only within Canada’s borders.

“Privacy of information is the biggest question that we get from people,” said Cheryl Fifer, Commissionaires Ottawa’s chief operating officer.

“We understand the importance of validating the integrity of information and remaining current with privacy regulation. With Commissionaires, you can be confident in the safety of your personal data.”

But where Commissionaires truly distinguishes itself is through customer experience.

“Background screening and fingerprinting are necessary services that are growing in importance every day to protect individuals and organizations,” Fifer said.

“For too long, it’s been a process that many people find daunting. At Commissionaires, we are working to change this by making the process easier and staffing professionals to help.”

For employers

How well do you know the individual that you are about to hire?

More than just fingerprinting

A comprehensive background check is the smartest way to screen applicants and ensure your company is protected. 

Commissionaires offers full pre-employment screening services to help you check references, employment history and credit history, and to protect your company’s assets, brand, people and clients.

This includes both fingerprints and criminal background checks. In response to the pandemic, Commissionaires has made it easy to also conduct a background check with personal information submitted online in lieu of in-person fingerprinting.

“We offer these services through our client portal, which is user friendly, efficient and effective,” Fifer said.

Commissionaires also provides threat risk assessments and workplace investigations.

Book your appointment today

Commissionaires’ services are available to both individuals and teams, with offices coast to coast. It only takes 10 minutes to capture your fingerprints and complete a background check application.

If you can’t go to a Commissionaires location, they will come to you. To find a Commissionaires office to schedule an appointment near you, or to arrange a mobile fingerprinting service for group processing at your location, please visit