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ARIDO makes the difference: Hire a registered interior designer

ARIDO Interior designers
Left to right: Justine Baltessen, ARIDO; Serina Fraser, ARIDO; Jeremy Cheff, ARIDO, photo credit Urszula Muntean of Ula Photography

The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) is your connection to qualified, experienced, and innovative registered interior designers.

ARIDO protects Ontarians to ensure every person using the title ‘interior designer’ is qualified. In accordance with the Ontario Titles Act, an individual cannot use the title ‘interior designer’ unless they are a registered member with ARIDO.

ARIDO designed space
Interior Designer: Serina Fraser, ARIDO; Design Firm: Clear Interior Design. Photo credit: Urszula Muntean of Ula Photography

Why should I hire a registered interior designer?

Registered interior designers have completed the necessary technical education and passed the required exams to meet ARIDO’s rigorous standards for membership.

Once qualified, registered interior designers must keep their knowledge updated through professional development seminars focused on topics including the Ontario Building Code, accessibility, sustainability, building and mechanical systems, inclusivity, etc.

How do registered interior designers become qualified?

They must graduate from an accredited 4-year Bachelor of Interior Design program. They must complete an extensive supervised work experience program under a qualified practitioner. Finally, they pass a rigorous 3-part practical exam which includes building code knowledge.

Everyone benefits from good design…hire a registered interior designer. 

Meet three Ottawa-based interior designers

ARIDO’s Eastern Ontario Chapter (EOC) is led by a group of dedicated volunteers. We sat down with three of the Chapter’s leaders to hear about their perspectives on interior design. 

Justine Baltessen, ARIDO | HDR Architcture Inc.
Chapter President

Q: What is the local impact you’ve made as a registered interior designer?

A: As a registered interior designer, I’ve been able to have an impact on our local community as we directly influence how people interact with the interior environment.  I’ve designed spaces in Ottawa and beyond with an inclusive approach.

ARIDO designed space
Interior Designer: Jeremy Cheff, ARIDO; Design Firm: [in]tempo design studio. Photo credit: Ottawa Business Journal
By following codes, guidelines, and best practices, I’ve created spaces that improve functionality and accessibility so people of different ages, genders, cultures, and abilities can navigate and use interior spaces safely and efficiently.

Serina Fraser, ARIDO | Clear Interior Design
Chapter Treasurer

Q: Why is your ARIDO credential important to your business?

A: As a registered interior designer, I have extensive training in designing interior spaces, and my expertise goes beyond aesthetics to encompass functionality, safety, and sustainability. 

When clients engage my professional services, they can trust that their projects will be handled with professionalism and adhere to the legal and ethical standards set by ARIDO.  Most importantly, my credential underscores credibility and experience with each engagement and project.

Jeremy Cheff, ARIDO | CLIQ Interior Design
Chapter Past-President

Q: How has your extensive training and the rigor of the process to become registered helped you better serve clients?

A: Being a registered interior designer demonstrates my commitment to professionalism and high standards in the field. This credential serves as evidence of my expertise and qualifications, instilling confidence in clients who are seeking professional interior design services.

Additional members of the Eastern Ontario Chapter Board are Samantha Derosier, Student, ARIDO; Juanita Dielschneider, ARIDO; Lizanne Dubien, ARIDO; Lynn Ferron, ARIDO; Coleen Howlett, Intern, ARIDO; Christine Panyszak, Student, ARIDO; Regan Preszcator, Student, ARIDO. 

How can you join the conversation on interior design?

This October, the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) is inviting you to join the conversation by hosting Interior Design Month, a major province-wide design event.

Interior Design Month

Sit down for a design consultation with a registered interior designer to have your design questions answered, hear about emerging topics and trends during the Speaker Series, and get a behind the scenes perspective of your local design community during Open Studio events.  

This year’s edition is presented in partnership with Interior Designers of Canada, the national advocacy body for interior design. Learn more at