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A smarter approach to a smart building

Envari helps business & property owners navigate a changing landscape

Saving energy and water, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing that hard-to-define carbon footprint – these have become real dollars and cents issues for business and property owners.

Do any of these questions sound familiar? 

  • When is it time to start building out charging station infrastructure for e-vehicles?
  •  Does it make financial sense to invest in solar energy?
  • Can using batteries on-site to store electricity during off-peak hours offset your consumption costs during periods of peak demand?
  • Will the federal government step in to offset the loss of provincial incentive programs?

Investors, tenants and customers alike have grown more aware and more sensitive about how a business is taking responsibility, and action, for its impact on the environment. The publicity around global warming, IoT technologies and smart buildings have all created expectations that can’t be ignored.

But like any other decision that impacts the bottom line, business and property owners must consider what makes the most sense, from a financial and operational standpoint. They need a trusted advisor.

That’s the role of Envari Energy Solutions, a spin- off from Hydro Ottawa’s former Energy Ottawa green power operation. Envari works with owners and landlords across the National Capital Region and beyond to help them make sense of, and sensible investments for, the future.

“Owners and landlords face real issues and new decision points,” said Glenn Mooney, Envari’s Manager, Energy Services. “New technologies, shifting public opinions and continued changes in government policy leave them in need of an advisor.”

Mooney and his team help clients assess and audit their operations and their needs, to quantify the financial and operational impact of any potential course of action.

“The key is to start small and look for those first easy wins,” he said. “You don’t have to overhaul an entire building at once to yield cost savings and start on the path to making it smart.”

Starting Points Include:

  • Performing an Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA) and planning for that first EV charging station. Public demand, after all, is already present and growing.
  • Lighting – follow through on those interior and exterior LED conversions, and add the sensors and controls that further reduce power consumption.
  • Let Envari help you determine if on-site battery storage can truly reduce your electricity bills.
  • Envari can also assist with the Government of Ontario requirement that all owners of buildings 50,000 square feet or larger report on their water and energy use annually (the EWRB report).
  • And, Envari can help you with BOMA BEST qualification

What makes sense for your business or property, today and in the foreseeable future?

Talk to Mooney and his team to find out.

Visit to learn more.