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A celebration of Ottawa’s best offices

Each year, Ottawa-based polling firm Abacus Data asks local businesspeople to rank their most pressing issues and challenges as part of a wide-ranging business confidence survey.

Recruiting and retaining talented employees consistently ranks at or near the top of the annual list.

Demographic shifts, combined with a perceived shortage of skilled workers, mean many business owners and managers are looking for an edge in recruiting. While this can take many forms, attractive and well-designed office space is an increasingly popular way for companies to stand out and demonstrate the importance they place on an employee’s well-being.

More broadly, business owners and managers increasingly realize that functional, healthy and aesthetically pleasing workspaces directly contribute to their bottom line – a trend that’s celebrated in the second edition of Best Offices Ottawa.

This free publication profiles some of the top workplaces in the National Capital Region as well as local experts who are skilled in creating leading commercial space.

It contains stories of companies that used a redesigned office foster more collaboration within their teams, added amenities to make it easier to bicycle to the office or squeeze in a workout during lunch and, in one case, even turned a historical barn into an ultra-modern workspace.

Elsewhere, companies took a fresh look at how their space could be an extension of their corporate brand and values as well as visually symbolize the cutting-edge work that takes place within their office.

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This edition of Best Offices Ottawa was made possible by the support of our three partners: Advanced Business Interiors, FLUX Lighting and Golpro Holdings. Their stories of success – and how they’re improving the look and efficiency of workspaces across the National Capital Region – are also contained in this magazine.

We drew on their expertise to select a sample of some of the city’s best offices. Other office spaces were selected by OBJ’s editorial team.

A new feature in this year’s magazine is a special section that takes an in-depth look at some of the specific components of a best office.

Whether you’re on the verge of your own office redesign or simply looking for ways to make better use of your current space, we hope you’ll find inspiration and practical takeaways in this edition of Best Offices Ottawa.