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A call for talent: Dozens of jobs available at The Ottawa International Airport

From restaurants and retailers to customs agents and air traffic controllers, find your next job at the YOW job fair

Ottawa airport
Ottawa airport

With the summer travel season upon us – and the winter getaway period not far behind – the Ottawa International Airport Authority is preparing to meet increased traveller demand by ramping up recruitment and ensuring its partners have the talent they need to succeed. 

Like many businesses in the city, the airport is navigating the current talent crunch, with the Authority and several employers within the airport community actively recruiting, including private companies, government agencies and airlines.

To help fill vacancies and connect partners with job seekers, the Authority is hosting a job fair on August 17 at the Infinity Convention Centre, where participants can meet with employers to learn more about building a career at the Ottawa Airport.

“No matter the role, we are fortunate to have a YOW community comprised of people who are proud to work here and who care about their contributions,” says Joel Tkach, vice-president, business development and marketing, Ottawa International Airport Authority. “Airports offer a unique working environment – the energy is unmatched anywhere!”

With jobs ranging from food service to customs agents, the Airport Authority job fair will have career opportunities for prospects of all experience levels and interests. Several of the employers also offer flexible scheduling, competitive benefits and room for advancement, leaving plenty of runway for the future.

And, with so many sectors convening under one roof, there is ample opportunity to learn about new career paths, adds Tkach. 

The Ottawa International Airport is also in the midst of a pivotal time in its history, making now an exciting time to join the team. 

The food and retail section of the airport, for example, is undergoing an overhaul to create a more locally driven experience for guests, featuring well-known Ottawa brands and restaurants. 

Several other updates and big developments are also on the horizon, including plans for a future LRT station and on-site hotel.

“The airport may not be top of mind for job seekers unless they are looking to be a pilot, but there’s a whole range of jobs and career paths that you can get into which are really rewarding,” says Mark Laroche, Ottawa Airport Authority president and CEO. “It’s also a great time to be a part of the post-pandemic rebuilding process.”

Ramping up travel and meeting demand

Growing the team and helping employers connect with talent was on the radar for the Authority even before the pandemic, but now, as it continues down the path to recovery, the timing couldn’t be better, adds Laroche. 

With traffic sitting at close to 70 per cent of what it was pre-pandemic, things are heading in the right direction. But, as the tourism industry picks back up, it will be all-crew-on-board to ensure operations run smoothly.

“People are what make everything work… they are core to our success,” emphasized Laroche. “We want to do our best to create awareness of the opportunities available and get a good pipeline of new staff because we’re not just building for right now, we’re building for the future.”