Giving Guide

Connecting not-for profits with the regions business leaders, the Giving Guide provides year-long visibility to participating organizations to showcase their mission, progress, governance and supporters.

Created in partnership with the Foundation (WCPD) and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Ottawa chapter), the Giving Guide highlights corporate giving opportunities in the region and provides valuable resources on best practices and corporate social responsibility.  

Charity/not-for-profit participation

  • Tap into the regions’ leaders who are willing to donate their time, treasure and talent.
  • Play a huge role in the quality of life within the Ottawa region - and this publication—combined with the year long online presence.
  • Showcase your mission, progress, governance and many initiatives.

Each participating not-for-profit will receive a two-page spread, which includes a profile and a full page ad.

Find out how you can participate.

Corporate social responsibility

Let's showcase corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Ottawa region! If your company is already involved in charitable giving or support, we would love to hear from you.

  • Sponsor a profile for your charity of choice, and highlight your support of their mission.
  • Promote your brand to local business leaders, charitable organizations and fundraising professionals.
  • Regional philanthropic opportunities help you to fit the perfect charitable fit to match your corporate culture.

Get involved

To learn more about the Giving Guide and how you can get involved, contact or call 613-238-1818 ext. 226.

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