Ottawa’s SmartCone partners with IBM Watson to improve worksite safety

SmartCone Technologies CEO Jason Lee holds the firm's IoT device. Photo by Mark Holleron.

A made-in-Ottawa Internet of Things device will work alongside one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence systems in an attempt to minimize worksite hazards.

IBM announced a number of partnerships earlier this week to connect a handful IoT device makers to Watson, the firm’s AI cloud platform. Specifically, the partnerships with Garmin, Guardhat, Mitsufuji and Ottawa’s SmartCone Technologies will see the companies use Watson’s analytics tools to monitor worker safety on the job.

The Ottawa-made SmartCone is installed in construction sites and industrial zones to monitor workplace dangers such as heat, hazardous gases, dangerous weather. Equipped with video cameras and a variety of sensors, SmartCone will use the IBM platform to monitor worksite falls and other incidents. Supervisors will then be able to access real-time and historical data on workplace dangers.

"With the ever-evolving workplace, SmartCone's comprehensive end-to-end solution combined with IBM's IoT technology and advanced analytics provides the optimal pairing to best meet industry needs," said Tenille Houston, SmartCone’s vice-president of communications and marketing, in a statement.