Governments may be open for business, but that doesn’t mean doing business with a government is necessarily easy. Government procurement is complex – this is not by happenstance.
In a move of great interest to many Ottawa businesses, both the federal and Ontario governments recently announced plans to proceed with centralized procurement systems.
The federal government will start rolling out its new electronic procurement system later this year, representing a sizeable shift in how Ottawa companies will do business with a major lo
A handful of Ottawa-based firms are among a roster of artificial intelligence suppliers that will aim to bring the federal government into the digital age with a new wave of service offer
A new report is adding to the growing pressure on governments to use their multibillion-dollar buying power to help support businesses run by women – and all signs suggest the Liberal gov
Twenty federal departments and agencies will set aside one per cent of their R&D budgets to purchase goods and services from startups, the Liberal government said Thursday.
Procurement is the process used by large organizations such as governments to buy goods and services.
The Liberal government is thinking about using its massive purchasing power to support women in business.
On July 1, while most Ottawa residents were focused on celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement quietly came into force.
For anyone hoping the Liberal government plans to blow up Canada's much-maligned military procurement system, Patrick Finn has some advice: Don't hold your breath.