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Anne Côté began working at Quantum’s Montreal head office in 1977. After two successful years demonstrating that she had the determination and resiliency to make it in the industry, she pursued the…
When asked to provide the elevator pitch for her business, Tara Azulay politely declines.
While employers generally seek to provide a safe, productive and respectful working environment for all their workers – sometimes those efforts fail.
No matter how pleasant, cooperative, or functional a workplace might be, no organization is immune to the risk of workplace harassment or similar incidents which can trigger a workplace investigati
Local craft brewer, fitness entrepreneur and escape room founder discuss engaging millennial employees at CEO talk
About 15 Shopify employees – product managers, engineers, designers – have been through West End Kids in Westboro, receiving a crash course in the market they hope to capture.
Hire Immigrants Ottawa has been championing the integration of newcomers into the local economy for a full decade, and at its annual summit this week, reflected on its progress and honoured its par