Statistics Canada

Employers in Ottawa-Gatineau shed about 1,600 jobs from their collective payrolls in December, but a dip in the size of the labour force helped the unemployment rate in the region hold steady
Ottawa’s annual rate of inflation ballooned to 2.5 per cent in November – the largest increase so far this year – according to data released Wednesday from Statistics Canada.
The region’s unemployment rate ticked up slightly in November as a rise in the size of the labour force outpaced a slight increase in the overall number of workers
Ottawa’s annual rate of inflation rose slightly above the national average in October, up two per cent over last year’s figures
The unemployment rate in Ottawa-Gatineau hit its lowest point in at least 18 years in October on the strength of robust gains in the construction, education and food services sectors
The latest employment numbers from Statistics Canada are due out this coming week
Ottawa’s annual rate of inflation held at 2.1 per cent for the second month in a row, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday, mirroring a steady trend across the rest of the country
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Employers in nearly all sectors of the local economy added to their payrolls in September, cutting the National Capital Region’s unemployment rate to its lowest level in more than a year
The annual rate of inflation in the nation’s capital held steady in August as the rest of the country saw the pace of price hikes slow