Statistics Canada

Ottawa’s annual rate of inflation rose at roughly the same rate as the rest of the country in June, as both figures came down from a spike the month before
Ottawa-Gatineau’s unemployment rate held steady at 5.4 per cent in June as job gains across the region were offset by a growing labour force, according to data released Friday by Statisti
After a steady start to the year Ottawa’s annual rate of inflation kicked up in May, following similar trends across the country
Ottawa-Gatineau’s unemployment rate dipped by a tenth of a percentage point in May as the total number of residents with jobs held steady while the overall size of labour force shrank slightly
Statistics Canada says almost 3,800 business locations were at risk of being affected by spring flooding in three of the hardest hit regions of the country.
Ottawa’s annual inflation rate kept steady at 1.7 per cent for a third straight month in April while the rest of Ontario and Canada saw the pace of inflation rise due in part to the imple
The National Capital Region’s unemployment rate jumped four-tenths of a percentage point in April as more residents joined the labour market while the total number of jobs fell, Statistic
Statistics Canada says women fill 19.4 per cent of the seats on corporate boards of directors across public, government and private organizations, but more than half of all boards were co
The annual rate of inflation in Ottawa held steady last month while the rest of the country saw an upward trend in Statistics Canada’s consumer price index.