Coke's interest is another indication of the importance of Canada to the development of cannabis producers by established businesses.
New inflation figures, the return of MPs to the House of Commons and an update on the country's real estate market are among the stories expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
For visitors travelling in an unfamiliar city, helpful advice from a knowledgeable server, driver or front desk employee can transform a trip and leave a lasting impression.
If no agreements are reached by Sept. 26, there could be a strike or lockout.
New household debt figures as well as earnings from Roots, Air Transat and Dollarama are among the stories expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Experts predict another increase could arrive as early as next month.
Amazon stock has increased almost 600 per cent in the last five years
The release of new unemployment data, an interest rate decision and the outlook from beverage giant – and Canopy Growth shareholder – Constellation Brands are among the stories expected to make…
In the National Capital Region, “experiences” on offer include bike rides, a guided hike in Gatineau Park and a photography focused walking tour.
Exactly how the tourism industry could be reshaped by legal weed is still very hazy for many hoping to capitalize on the potential of providing green-focused getaways.