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High-tech talent, innovative companies and public sector interest could turn Canada’s capital into an AI hub
Two Ottawa artificial intelligence firms announced separate funding rounds this week, raising a combined $14.5 million and elevating the capital’s AI profile.
Canada's two largest airlines say artificial intelligence can be a game-changer for aviation by helping to boost revenues, pare costs and provide passengers with a more personalized trave
At Shopify, a machine learning algorithm takes 40 minutes to perform a task what previously took humans more than 730 hours.
Hoping to implement an IP strategy rather than applying for patents ad hoc, Zighra reached out to Stratford Managers
There's a little-known secret about artificial intelligence: It's powered by hundreds of thousands of real people.
Toronto-Dominion Bank is acquiring artificial intelligence startup Layer 6 AI for an undisclosed amount as financial services companies increasingly look to tap the technology's potential
Some of the biggest names in tech are lining up to join Canada's burgeoning artificial intelligence sector, but harnessing the sector's
MindBridge AI needs to expand to meet demand, and founder Solon Angel says its $4.3-
A Montreal startup said Thursday it is getting US$102 million from Microsoft, Intel and several other investors to fund the company's goal of becoming a leader in artificial intelligence,