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A local firm will manage Hydro Ottawa’s electricity grid with the help of artificial intelligence
Ottawa startup isn’t trying to reinvent the increasingly crowded AI space; it’s changing the way chatbots are delivered.
High-tech talent, innovative companies and public sector interest could turn Canada’s capital into an AI hub
Two Ottawa artificial intelligence firms announced separate funding rounds this week, raising a combined $14.5 million and elevating the capital’s AI profile.
New technologies like AI are essential as a doubling of global passengers over the next two decades strains air traffic control, airport and aircraft systems, according to data from the International…
Vocal user interfaces, greater 'augmented intelligence' are on the horizon.
Hoping to implement an IP strategy rather than applying for patents ad hoc, Zighra reached out to Stratford Managers
Drawing squares around photos of cars and making sense of speech are invaluable tasks for advancing artificial intelligence, and it's how many around the world are making a living.
Deal comes as corporate interest in AI and its potential continues to mount.
Canada is at the centre of research charting new ways to mine big data with implications for everything from better medical diagnoses to self-driving cars.