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After leading their ventures to new heights despite the pandemic, the founders of some of Ottawa’s top companies took time out to kick back, relax and celebrate their accomplishments on Monday night.
Resurgens Technology Partners, an Atlanta-based private equity firm that specializes in scaling up software enterprises, is adding the Ottawa company to its portfolio.
Our top 10 are a diverse bunch, but all have been challenged by their rapid growth, especially in this difficult economy. Here are numbers 10 through six
This year's top 10 recipients remind us of the other side of the pandemic story.
Fast-growing Ottawa tech firm says deal gives it a foothold in the lucrative European market.
The company behind a series of mergers and acquisitions in the National Capital Region has picked Austin, Tex., for its first expansion south of the border
Ottawa-based Solufy, which counts the likes of NASA and Disney among its clients, announced this week it had been acquired by a U.S.
An Ottawa-based software firm has been acquired by a U.S. company looking to fill out its portfolio of creative industry offerings.
With ambitions of going public later this year, Martello Technologies is starting 2018 with a merger that its CEO says completes its pro
If you consider raising early stage funding, here are some of the ways to increase your odds of success.