Ottawa Construction Association

Construction association boss says work stoppage is another challenge for an industry already beset by a shortage of skilled labour, supply chain disruptions and soaring inflation.
“Our equipment is being held hostage,” Site Preparation co-owner Kathleen Grimes told OBJ. “There’s no opportunity for us to even mitigate any of our losses."
As we celebrate the importance of doing good in our community, the future of philanthropy in Ottawa is in good hands.
Supply chains, skilled labour and workplace safety are among issues facing Ottawa's construction industry
Allegations of lavish kickbacks in return for contracts at The Ottawa Hospital are “very isolated,” says one industry expert. By Emma Jackson.
On Thursday, Aug. 28, OBJ issued an open invitation to all candidates in the upcoming municipal election to answer one simple question: Why should the business community vote for you?
Ottawa’s construction industry is largely supporting a city plan to implement a rating system to grade the work done by construction companies that receive contracts from the city.
Ottawa construction contractors’ frustration over accessing work in Quebec is once again in the spotlight, thanks to a new push by an area politician.