Jan Harder

Numerous councillors arguing to postpone the vote were rebuffed by city staff and fellow members of council on the high cost and delays associated with pushing the decision
Local tech firms, politicians and economic development officials are pushing to turn the Greenbelt Research Farm in south Nepean into an R&D centre for the emerging field of precision agriculture
Barrhaven Ward Coun. Jan Harder discusses the significance of the coming changes to Ottawa's Official Plan
"Work in Ottawa" campaign, launched last year to attract U.S. talent to Canada's capital, is grabbing attention south of the border, Invest Ottawa CEO says.
New guidelines will reduce the risk of streets in parts of Ottawa turning into 'walled canyons.'
Municipal councillor disagrees with suggestion that the city has neglected Orléans.
Two separate downtown tower projects received height approval at planning committee on Tuesday, reflecting Chair Jan Harder’s comments that 2016 will be a big year for downtown development.