Startup Canada

Small business owners chat with Desjardins Group about opportunities and pain points.
The business whose application was the highest-scored overall by judges will also be awarded Ottawa Smallbiz of the Year, which comes with a $10,000 prize.
Already faced with big shoes to fill, Kayla Isabelle is getting a crash course in crisis management in her first two weeks as the new leader of Startup Canada
Agritech talk was on tap this week as Techopia Live went on tour for a special networking event at TD Place
Passing of pioneering Ottawa-based advocate leaves nation’s tech sector without ‘its voice’
Discussion on Ottawa’s growing agritech sector is on tap at an upcoming Techopia Talks event later this month
An Ottawa-based organization that aims to help grow Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs has tapped a well-known local tech executive to be its new leader.
Research by Ottawa-based Startup Canada reveals a gendered divide in technology use by small business owners, with women entrepreneurs reporting less comfort adopting new tools.
Janice McDonald has just added another leadership role to her already impressive résumé. 
An Ottawa-based company that uses groundbreaking laser technology to restore sight to people with impaired vision has been named the latest winner of the Startup Canada Innovation Award.