John Manconi

“I am happy to be wrong, but I am highly skeptical that they’re going to achieve March 31,” said transit boss John Manconi
A specific day for revenue service availability – a date already pushed back multiple times – was not provided
From in-station stores to downtown restaurants, John Manconi says LRT will open up opportunities for businesses of all kinds
This is the second time the light rail transit system will be delayed.
Many of the stations are receiving “final touches” including wayfinding signs, lights and speakers.
The new handover date is Nov. 2, Watson told the finance and economic development committee on Tuesday, adding that taxpayers will not bear the financial burden of the delay.
OC Transpo revenues are down over the first half of 2017, as the transit agency deals with the financial impacts of higher-than-average lawsuit settlements and declining ridership rates.
With a task force working on a bid to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to the capital, Ottawa’s top planning guru said Tuesday it’s time for the city to step up its game when it comes to going…
The City and its LRT contractor are defending the safety record of the Confederation Line, as the president of the city's labour council raises concerns the project is being rushed.
City officials say “a minor construction incident” temporarily trapped three workers late Thursday afternoon after some reinforcing steel came loose in Ottawa’s light-rail tunnel near the Universit