Federal Government

Members of Ottawa’s tech and academic communities will guide the federal government in shaping policy decisions around artificial intelligence
The Liberal government’s final budget of its mandate puts a focus on getting municipal infrastructure projects off the ground
The federal Liberal government expects to sink deeper into the red this year, thanks to a federal budget Tuesday that's laden with election-year spending measures fuelled by a windfall of new revenue
Long-awaited plan to help Canada compete with the United States for investment dollars is the centrepiece of its latest fall economic statement, which forecasts slightly deeper annual deficits over…
Morneau has faced pressure to lower Canada's corporate rate – but the government has signalled it will focus on targeted measures to accelerate investment rather than across-the-board tax cuts
More than half of Canadian homeowners recently surveyed say they would be less likely to consider a property if they knew cannabis had been grown inside, according to a poll released Tuesday.
Research from Carleton University might help make new buildings more energy efficient with the help of some fresh federal funding
The idea of so-called community benefits will be a mandatory requirement for many infrastructure projects the federal government will help pay for through its $33-billion spending envelope
The Trudeau Liberals have laid out the environmental test that new transit and water systems will have to go through in the hope cities and provinces choose greener construction options.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the plan to make recreational pot legal by this summer will go ahead without delay.