Las Vegas

Why would a restaurant in Ottawa open a second location in Vegas? That is a very good question. It was a gamble. I’ll tell you the story and maybe, just maybe, it will all make sense.
With the thermometer already reading a balmy 15 degrees Celsius Wednesday at 9 a.m.
The start of the new year means new tech at the Consumer Electronics Showcase, and several local Ottawa area companies are in Las Vegas this week to flaunt their latest products.
The gadget show held in Las Vegas last week might be officially known as the Consumer Electronics Show, but make no mistake – there was plenty of business-to-business interaction as well.
It’s down to business for the 4,139 exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and for one Ottawa company, it’s “the perfect opportunity to showcase” what it does.
QNX Software Systems, BlackBerry's Ottawa-based automotive division, has lifted the hood on a slate of new software for the rapidly evolving driverless car market.
As the CEO of one of Canada’s leading tech companies, David Ross is a regular at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January.
Ottawa-based QNX software, a subsidiary of BlackBerry, announced Monday its software has been installed in the infotainment and telematic systems of more than 50 million vehicles, manufactured all