Freedom Convoy

Merchants that lost income due to the demonstrations against vaccine mandates earlier this year can apply for up to $10,000 in funding.
Relief measures approved Wednesday include $450,000 in grants to BIAs in areas affected by the three-week protests against vaccine mandates. 
Under the initiative announced last weekend, downtown businesses will be eligible for up to $10,000 to cover non-deferrable operational costs not covered by other federal programs. 
Lawyer Paul Champ and his small but mighty firm have launched a class-action lawsuit against the 'Freedom Convoy' protesters on behalf of thousands of downtown Ottawa residents and businesses.
Ottawa's mayor has set a deadline of noon today for truckers encamped in the capital's core to move out of residential streets in a bid to pare down the size of the protest's footprint.
U.S. protectionism has been a fact of life for decades. But even a year removed from Donald Trump's turn as president, it's very much on – thanks in large measure to Trump's successor.
“Our equipment is being held hostage,” Site Preparation co-owner Kathleen Grimes told OBJ. “There’s no opportunity for us to even mitigate any of our losses."
Commercial trucks involved in the ongoing protests in Ottawa are unlikely to lose their insurance coverage simply for being part of the demonstration, an industry expert says.
Downtown merchants say they've spent the past 13 days weighing the benefits of bringing in whatever revenue they can against concerns for employee and customer comfort and safety.
Organizers of GoFundMe fundraiser are set to start distributing money to most-affected businesses later this month.