Minto Group

Veteran executive played a key role in the creation of a real estate investment trust now valued at $2 billion.
Capital's location between Toronto and Montreal makes it a sought-after site for retailers looking satisfy growing demand for same-day deliveries, Anthony Broccolini says.
One of Ottawa’s largest real estate firms says it now has cash in hand to proceed with a planned eight-storey mixed-use building in the Glebe.
When Roger Greenberg succeeded his uncle Irving as CEO of Minto Group in 1991, he knew running the family business was never going to be a one-person job.
Fresh off its $230-million initial public offering of a new apartment REIT, Ottawa-based Minto Group is looking to expand both through acquisitions and new developments in Canada’s larges
Ottawa-based Minto Group says it’s sold an additional stake in its namesake downtown office complex.
An investment arm of one of Ottawa’s largest real estate companies say it’s purchased a 111-unit townhouse complex and plans to extensively renovate the properties.
Ottawa-based Minto Group’s real estate investment trust followed up a strong first day on the public markets with another solid performance Wednesday, finishing afternoon trading on the T
One of Ottawa’s largest real estate firms says it plans to spin off part of its residential portfolio into a new publicly traded real estate investment trust.
Calling it “one of the most significant opportunities for intensification” along Bank Street in the Glebe, an Ottawa developer is looking to replace a 1980s-era commercial building with a