Minto Group

One of Ottawa’s largest real estate firms says it now has cash in hand to proceed with a planned eight-storey mixed-use building in the Glebe.
When Roger Greenberg succeeded his uncle Irving as CEO of Minto Group in 1991, he knew running the family business was never going to be a one-person job.
Fresh off its $230-million initial public offering of a new apartment REIT, Ottawa-based Minto Group is looking to expand both through acquisitions and new developments in Canada’s larges
Ottawa-based Minto Group says it’s sold an additional stake in its namesake downtown office complex.
An investment arm of one of Ottawa’s largest real estate companies say it’s purchased a 111-unit townhouse complex and plans to extensively renovate the properties.
Ottawa-based Minto Group’s real estate investment trust followed up a strong first day on the public markets with another solid performance Wednesday, finishing afternoon trading on the T
One of Ottawa’s largest real estate firms says it plans to spin off part of its residential portfolio into a new publicly traded real estate investment trust.
Calling it “one of the most significant opportunities for intensification” along Bank Street in the Glebe, an Ottawa developer is looking to replace a 1980s-era commercial building with a
The residents of four newly built Ottawa townhouses will be a bit of an enviable position – they won’t have any energy costs. By Jacob Serebrin
Commercial property sales in Ottawa more than doubled  in the first half of the year, spurred on by the low cost of capital and a depreciated Canadian dollar that’s attracting investors from south