The Ottawa business community turned out to the World Partnership Golf tournament in support of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, which aims to end cycles of poverty in Africa and Asia.
If you’ve ever price shopped Uber or Lyft and took advantage of prices that were ridiculously low, congratulations you’ve witnessed first hand what happens when tech companies “buy down” the rates
With Unreserved’s online auction platform, buyers have all the transparency they need to make an informed decision – right at their fingertips.
Imagine playing poker with X-ray vision, knowing what cards the other players are holding before they’re laid on the table. Wouldn’t you like the same power when it comes to buying a home?
After almost 20 years as an urban planner with the City of Ottawa, most recently tasked with the job of overseeing its new official plan, Alain Miguelez has joined the National Capital Commission.
While former head of HR at Invest Ottawa loved her time at the economic development agency, she calls technology her true "passion."
Ottawa startup’s employee count has tripled from 30 to 90 since August as it scrambles to keep up with the growing number of auctions on its docket.
After building online car auction site EBlock into one of Canada's fastest-growing firms, boxer-turned-businessman Ryan O'Connor is hoping to duplicate that winning formula with new proptech venture.