Jennifer MacKinnon

The Ottawa Business Journal officially launched the 2022 Book of Lists today with a virtual event that featured interviews from business leaders in the Ottawa community.
Just as a woman gets better with age, so do the BYAs.
Some of Ottawa’s most outstanding female business professionals were recognized for their hard work, perseverance and success during a cocktail reception hosted Tuesday night at Lago Bar
In the early days of computing, room-sized mainframes and dumb terminals ruled the roost, only to be replaced by desktop computers running applications directly off hard drives.
When looking for a new website it is important to consider which technology you should choose to power your website.
You need a website but have so many questions: where to start, who to call, how much to spend?
A key goal for any organization is to rank high in Google. In order to achieve that your website must be in order.
2018 might be the best time to invest in a new website. Here are 8 reasons why you should:
In the span of a week, Isabelle Perreault can wear many hats and, at times, even medals.
Jennifer MacKinnon started Fenix Solutions in 2001 after the Montreal-based tech company she was working for decided to pull out of the Ottawa market.