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Coworking space may have begun as an experimental office-sharing concept, but they’ve evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry that's disrupting the way we lease and use office space.
Ottawa-based firm says it’s seeing “big spike in activity” from tech tenants that are downsizing their real estate footprints but still need meeting and collaboration space.
Andrii Bukvych called on Ottawa’s business community for support surrounding the ongoing war in Ukraine.
As employees grow accustomed to working from home, companies have been left searching for new ways to encourage their staff to return to the office.
How coworking spaces can re-energize collaboration and culture in the workplace
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A fresh spin on the traditional satellite office model is giving companies the opportunity to locate closer to employees and clients across Ottawa.
Move creates opportunities for businesses of any size to access the best designed collaborative workspace in Ottawa.
Ottawa-based company confirms it is subleasing up to 100,000 square feet of space previously occupied by the e-commerce software giant in Performance Court.