Two years after launching its first hardware product, Ottawa commerce giant Shopify (
A disagreement over who has the right to customer data has ended a partnership between Ottawa-based Shopify and email services provider Mailchimp.
In the crowded and competitive restaurant business, 10 years is a lifetime.
Before she was leading Shopify’s data science team, before she was working at one of the world’s biggest investment banks and before she was researching breast cancer predictors in univer
When I was running my first startup out of university, I was uncertain of so many things.
Shopify passed a major milestone – and did so faster than any other SaaS firm before it – in its fourth quarter earnings report on Tuesday.
What began just over a decade ago as a way for some local entrepreneurs to sell snowboards on the side is now Canada’s most valuable tech company by market capitalization – and the Ottawa
AccelerateOTT will shift farther downtown from its traditional home at Lansdowne Park’s Horticulture Building to the National Arts Centre on Elgin Street when the annual entrepreneurship
Shopify is launching a TV and film content development and production house.