Techopia Live

Each year, billions of dollars worth of goods are damaged in transit when, for example, perishable items are kept at the wrong temperature or a warehouse forklift backs into a pallet.
In this episode of Techopia Live, Fullscript CEO Kyle Braatz shares what’s contributed to the company’s rocketship-like growth, and his plan to make the business even more sustainable.
Hear how the company has managed to re-energize internal audit reporting – and caught the attention of international firms in the process.
Startup leaders need to have the mindset that their company could receive an offer from a potential buyer at any time, longtime Ottawa entrepreneur says. 
The growing acceptance of remote work is opening vast new talent pools for many businesses.
How Pat Crosscombe navigated the inevitable highs and lows of entrepreneurship while ensuring she and her team had fun along the way.
Getit Local is challenging Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes by operating without charging local restaurants the typical 30% to 35% fee on delivery orders. 
How the cybersecurity company stays one step ahead of the bad guys on the internet.
Bringing any big idea to market requires technical talent, investments in business development and marketing prowess – a lot of hats for just one entrepreneur to wear.
Investor focus broadening to include more biotech, clean tech opportunities