Startup hopes deal with Boehringer Ingelheim paves way for partnerships with other big health-care players as it launches $1M funding drive.
Ottawa biotech firm says it is restructuring in the wake of a “higher-than-expected level of inconclusive results” from its rapid COVID-19 testing device.
As vaccines roll out and we inch closer to a recovery phase, let’s remember the inequity this terrible health-care crisis has exposed.
Across the river, Gatineau was among the Quebec cities moved into a lockdown Thursday.
New rules would translate into an annual discount of about $1,000 for a business property assessed at $600,000 that now pays about $15,000 a year in taxes.
Cycling retailers are being run off their feet as cooped-up consumers look for healthy, safe activities to get them out of the house.
Room Service Concert Series will feature acts such as Great Big Sea frontman Alan Doyle, comedian Gerry Dee and American rock band Third Eye Blind.
Toronto-based airline currently employs about 100 people in the capital.
Eatery owners argued the 10-customer, one-size-fits-all cap was unfair to owners of larger establishments.
All 100 available tickets for the show originally scheduled for March 27 sold out in less than an hour.