Free platform allows patrons to enter their personal information into a secure database upon entering an establishment.
Philip Aldis says he’s planning to reopen the 10,000-square-foot space at 1800 St. Laurent Blvd. next month under the name LaserMaxx Ottawa.
Home deliveries of adjustable desks and chairs are keeping crews busy at leading local company.
Elsewhere, testing and laboratory firm Dynacare – which has more than two dozen locations in the National Capital Region – says it is developing plans for "the initial rollout" of saliva-based tests.
Pharmacies across the province will be allowed to conduct COVID-19 tests to increase capacity; Ottawa reports 61 new cases.
Educational software provider's revenues have surged as schools around the world pivoted to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
SaaS startup Trellis has already landed more than $1M in seed funding from investors in Canada, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.
Rounds played are up 20 per cent at golf courses across the National Capital Region as stir-crazy Ottawans seek ways to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe way.
Trailblazing fitness centre that opened in 1976 welcomed more than 1,500 people a day before COVID-19.
"Floodgates will open" once a vaccine is found, owner of two local facilities predicts despite news that one of the industry's biggest companies has filed for creditor protection.