Excel HR

Despite recent layoffs in the IT sector and indications of a slowdown, the shortage of talent is so severe, experts predict continued high demand for skilled workers in key sectors like IT, finance,…
The auction, called Art For Impact, featured the work of 21 local artists.
As pandemic-fuelled chaos swirled all around her business 18 months ago, Kathryn Tremblay calmly stood in the eye of the storm.
Altis-excelHR group of companies are on track to place more than 8,000 workers across Canada in 2021, and the firms’ combined revenues are expected to surpass $150 million.
Three decades on, CEO Kathryn Tremblay writes new chapter for excelHR
By closely collaborating to address a unique set of challenges, in[tempo] design and Excel HR created a workspace that balances openness with privacy and sleekness with the comforts of home