Metro inc.

Consumers are shopping for groceries more often, buying less with each visit and shifting to value-oriented stores, grocery chain said Wednesday.
"It's actually really important for us that grocery delivery isn't seen as a luxury."
Unifor national president Jerry Dias says while front-line supermarket workers are facing the biggest risks, executives are receiving the biggest rewards.
Metro Inc. will fast-track adding technology tools, including self-service checkouts and electronic shelf labels, to its stores in a transformation that will help to lower labour costs
George Weston earnings
The cost of buying the Jean Coutu Group was high but the pill wasn't too difficult to swallow because it will generate a good return on the investment, Metro Inc.
At least $1.50 has been artificially baked into the price of a loaf of bread during a 16-year-long bread price-fixing conspiracy involving the country's largest bakery wholesalers and grocery retai
Pharmacy owners are bracing for "an industry-wide impact" from lower generic drug prices coming in April, the CEO of Metro Inc., which has a deal to buy Quebec's largest pharmacy chain, said Tuesda
Grocer Metro Inc. reported better than expected earnings and revenue in its latest quarter.