Jeff Westeinde

Special guests were invited Tuesday to an exclusive preview of a new building in the Zibi mixed-use development
Mont Ste. Marie is seeing a resurgence of popularity as a growing number of affluent professionals and entrepreneurs from Ottawa are hitting its slopes with their young families
As the National Capital Region approaches a population of two million, property developers and managers are rethinking how to create an urban environment for a new generation of workers and residents
Unique and exciting gala smashes fundraising record, introduces female white-collar boxers
Dream Unlimited doubles equity stake to 80% in project initiated by Windmill Development Group
'The economic benefits to the city (of the redevelopment) speak for themselves,' said Zibi Canada president Jeff Westeinde.
'The west side of downtown is going to redefine our city'
Holiday gift drive gets backing from Zibi project co-developer Dream Unlimited
The way we develop our communities is stacked against health, happiness and environment, Windmill Development Group founding partner Jeff Westeinde told TEDx Ottawa on Thursday night.
Transforming a 75-year-old former city maintenance facility into a state-of-the-art hub of innovation is a mammoth task that doesn’t come without its hiccups.