New east-end facility makes health care more accessible and efficient while reducing the burden on hospital staff and services at the Montfort, family says.
Restaurateur Jonathan Reynaert hosts staff appreciation day in recognition of COVID-19 impact on employees
Longtime resident of capital region hopes record-breaking gift will inspire other wealthy entrepreneurs and business leaders to step up their game for the greater good.
Home delivery wasn't part of the plan for the popular Orléans microbrewery. But COVID-19 quickly changed everything.
In what’s believed to be a first for Ottawa East, consulting firm Doyletech has undertaken a survey of stakeholders in Orléans and the surrounding area to draft a new economic development
The promise of light rail is in the air – but Orléans business leaders say that without a major east-end employer, the trains won’t be enough to keep the borough up to speed with the rest
It’s known as Ottawa’s construction industry night on the town.
When Annie first learned she had been chosen to become a Habitat for Humanity homeowner, she was in the car taking her son, Hunter, to daycare.
An Ottawa developer is looking to add a grocery store, restaurant, gas station and other retail shops in a fast-growing corner of the city’s eastern suburbs.
A talented workforce, relatively high household income and a strong sense of community are among the reasons several Ottawa entrepreneurs say they chose Orléans as the location to launch and expand…