Gord McMillan says Ottawa-based firm is getting back on its feet a year after laying off most of its staff and filing for creditor protection.
Creditors of what was once Ottawa’s largest advertising agency have agreed to a settlement that will pay them 50 cents on the dollar, OBJ has learned
Business still healthy for most local firms, but disturbing trends are lingering on the horizon, leading execs say
Former employees of a major Ottawa advertising agency that recently applied for creditor protection say they “feel ignored” and are worried they will never receive all the severance pay t
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Rocked by what its founder called a “perfect storm of circumstances,” Ottawa’s largest advertising agency has laid off more than half its workforce ​– including virtually its entire senior executive…
By her own admission, Heidi Hauver gets bored easily. But she doesn’t see that becoming an issue at her new gig any time soon.
Ottawa’s McMillan has brought a local video production firm in-house, deepening its talent pool as it builds a global client base.
Already known for its branding and marketing work with global clients such as Microsoft and Siemens, Ottawa’s McMillan agency
As Christmas creeps closer, outgoing emails increasingly trigger automated out-of-office replies containing standardized, boilerplate messages that most of us scan over at best.