Commissioner Ian Scott says the CRTC needs a smarter set of regulations it can use to encourage foreign players to contribute to Canada's cultural landscape
Quebec will forge ahead with plans to tax Netflix with or without the support of the federal government, the province's finance minister has said in a letter to his federal counterpart.
An agreement that Netflix will invest at least $500 million in original productions in Canada is set to be part of a long-awaited reboot of Canada's cultural policy.
Netflix's standard plan will now cost a dollar more, or $10.99 a month, to watch content on two screens at a time.
Netflix is on the verge of surpassing 100 million global subscribers, a testament to how much the video streaming service has changed the entertainment landscape since its debut a decade
Pat McGowan believes the term “sharing economy” is a misnomer, and he’s not shy about saying so.
Ottawa-based digital TV software provider Espial Group (TSX:ESP) doubled its revenues during the first quarter, helping the company to transform a multi-million dollar loss last year to jus
So, I finally did it.