Though the urban areas of the nation’s capital have much to offer for visitors and residents alike, the region is also laden with hidden gems in its more rural stretches.
The couple “plunked down 100 grand” to buy a 20-ton container of honey without having a clue where they’d store it or who would buy it.
Across eastern Ontario, companies are becoming increasingly creative with how they help charitable causes by developing their own corporate social responsibility programs.
While the brewing industry in Canada has benefited from growth in the popularity of craft beer, Canadian-owned players can never match the reach and cheaper retail prices of international brewing…
Local brewers see an LCBO strike as either a major boon to their business or a major bust.
“We were selling into New York before we were selling into any other Canadian province."
Beau’s All Natural brewery says it plans to help a Rwandan entrepreneur open a craft brewery in her home country.
With legislation legalizing marijuana expected in the spring, Eastern Ontario’s largest craft brewery is considering what the changes will mean to the brewing industry, its chief executive said.
An event being held as part of the One Young World conference in Ottawa on Friday is putting the spotlight on the Capital’s social enterprise sector.