Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes

In this month's EOBJ podcast, Phil Gaudreau gets into how they came up with that number, whether we can actually build that many homes, and why this topic matters with experts from across Eastern…
“We decided to go our own route because we didn’t see progress moving fast enough,” Rideau Lakes Mayor Arie Hoogenboom said.
If you live in some of the more rural or remote regions of our province, the topic of high-speed internet access can be a thorny one. This edition of the Eastern Ontario Business Journal Podcast digs…
As a city of a little over 20,000 residents, Brockville punches above its weight when it comes to staging summer festivals and special events that draw in the tourists.
Eastern Ontario is home to some of the most scenic parks, picturesque waterfronts, historic towns and cities and overall attractions. All are beacons to tourists.
The Conservatives easily hung onto a long-time Tory fiefdom Monday, scoring a convincing victory in a federal byelection held near Ottawa.