LiveWell Canada

An Ottawa-based hemp company is ramping up its CBD extraction operations and opting for a fresh brand after shareholders gave the thumbs up to a reverse takeover.
An Ottawa-based hemp firm has raised a sizeable chunk of funding to improve its U.S. production prospects.
A local hemp and CBD company will supply its cannabinoid-based products to one of Canada’s major pot producers.
A local hemp and CBD extraction firm has tapped institutional investors for US$3 million to cover costs related to a recent merger.
Less than a week after it announced it will delist from the TSX and start trading on the Canadia
Gatineau-based LiveWell Canada has transitioned to trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange, a move that positions the hemp products company to sell into the United States.
One of Gatineau’s emerging players in the cannabis and hemp space added a bit of cash to its operations through a private placement this week.
One of Canada’s most prominent business lobby groups has turned to a veteran public relations executive to replace John Manley as its leader.
Gatineau-based hemp and cannabis company LiveWell Canada reported its first public earnings on Monday since going public via reverse takeover in June, giving investors the first look into the firm
For those who don’t deal directly in public securities, it can be easy to breeze over the intricacies of taking a company public.