David Ross

A growing number of local tech execs say they’re looking at options such as four-day weeks in a bid to help employees maintain better work-life balance.
While company's revenues dropped 30 per cent once the pandemic hit, its expenses fell by an even greater proportion. 
Ross says much of the work for its approximately 830 employees has stopped, but the company has avoided layoffs.
As the number of Canadians infected with COVID-19 continues to rise, e-commerce powerhouse Shopify is among a number of local companies asking their workers to stay home, while another major Ottawa
'Canada is breeding herbivores for United States carnivores,' David Ross told the crowd at the Mayor's Breakfast Series on Tuesday morning
Chief executive David Ross says the company will put the fresh funding towards its next generation of products, highlighting his excitement about 4K TV and cloud technologies
With the thermometer already reading a balmy 15 degrees Celsius Wednesday at 9 a.m.
Riding a wave of 27 consecutive years of revenue growth, Ross Video just keeps findi
A few days after announcing it had set a revenue record in its last fiscal year, Ross Video added another notch on its belt this week with the news it is backing streaming services for Ya
You know things are going well at the office when your boss shows up to hand out cheques for $6,000 to you, your co-worker, your team and the rest of the company.