'GoFor, without a doubt, has the potential to be a many billion-dollar company'
Top-ranking firm recorded three-year revenue growth of 5,319%.
It’s the second major VC raise of the year for the 110-person company, which landed $9.8 million in seed funding back in June.
Online dispensary was one of 19 companies from the National Capital Region to make this year's rankings.
New investment partners say local startup has the chance to become a market leader in the on-demand delivery space.
While the Ontario government's decision to impose new restrictions on the construction industry will hurt some local businesses, it could be a springboard to more growth for others.
Two local startups are among the up-and-coming firms invited to take part in a prestigious mentorship program in Silicon Valley later this year.
From startups to public companies, these local ventures are primed to break through in the new year
Techopia Live brought GoFor CEO Brad Rollo on the show this week to learn how the firm's big win is helping it expand its construction industry marketplace south of the border
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