Gender equality

Jacqueline Collier recently became the second woman to head up the Kingston Home Builders Association (KHBA) since the group’s inception in 1954. She already knows what one of her priorities will be.
Many corporate executives say they are committed to taking action but struggle with how to do it successfully, writes columnist Kelly Cooper.
A new report on the country's highest-paid CEOs is adding evidence to the argument that women face a "double-pane glass ceiling" at the top of Canada's corporate ladder: first in getting
According to the Ontario government, women in this province earn around 30 per cent less than men – a gap that’s gone unchanged for the past decade.
Of the more than 100 people who are registered to run in this year’s municipal election campaign, approximately 20 per cent are women.
Any company looking to stake its place in today’s market knows that diversity in hiring has become a key business imperative.