Edgewater Wireless

Ottawa tech company that’s been plagued by supply-chain disruptions posted a net loss of more than $285,000 in its most recent quarter.
The company also posted a $775,000 loss for fiscal 2021, but says it's "pleased with progress."
The company said the new units will be priced at 13 cents each, up from 11 and a half cents in the original offering.
Ottawa-based Wi-Fi network technology firm says its solution is performing well in tests, but company lacks sufficient capital to ramp up production.
New funding push comes as company looks to cash in on the growing need for reliable wireless networks.
Company looking to raise additional debt or equity financing.
An Ottawa-based Wi-Fi tech developer brought in no revenue in its first fiscal quarter this year as an issue with critical materials significantly disrupted its supply chain
Edgewater Wireless bounced back from a lackluster year with higher earnings in fiscal 2019 as the Wi-Fi tech developer shifts into sales mode
An Ottawa tech firm has tapped the cable industry’s R&D arm to develop a new open-source platform with the potential to disrupt how we access Wi-Fi.