Toon Dreessen

Architect Toon Dreessen argues buildings are on the front line in Ottawa’s fight against climate change
Toon Dreessen's proposal would see ByWard Market Square, William Street reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.
Every year or two, Ottawa residents are treated to a feat of modern engineering as construction crews replace an aging bridge spanning the Queensway over the course of a single weekend.
Travel two hours northeast of Ottawa to Chalk River, and you’re likely to see the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) – a complex established after the Second World War to provide nuclear research…
Cubicles and generic floorplans are becoming an increasingly rare sight in some corners of Ottawa.
In this op-ed, Ottawa architect Toon Dreessen explains how the public sector can spark more innovative designs – while saving money – by rethinking procurement processes.
Demand rises for properties that blend commercial, residential and retail space.